Sniper Shoot Tactical Competition
          Pre-Registration and Entry Fee:  $35
**Please note - rules and process have changed for 2017!

Due to popular demand - Sniper Shoot 2017 will be ran with groups of 10 every hour beginning at 11:00am. 

You may Pre-Register as an Individual or as a Group. Time choice will be assigned as you Pre-Register.   

- All ages are welcome
- This is a timed event! 2 Shots per Target.  20 Rounds Total.
- B27 Targets with range of 600 plus yards
- You must provide your own Rifle and Ammo.
- Centerfire Rifles Only
- You may use a Spotter 

Actions open - Chamber Flag Installed
Listen to range commands
Load only when told to do so
You can preload box magazines
5 minutes to shoot 20 shots
2 shots at each of 10 targets
1 minute warning
10 second warning
Cease fire
Clear weapons - Open Actions - Reinstall Chamber Flags
Wait for all clear to Exit Firing Line

            Perfect score is 200-20 x

There is 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies awarded
First Place wins a Black Rain Suppressor! 
      Contact Martha at 918-666-2788 to Pre-Register! ​


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